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100 Men Who Give a Damn - Halifax

About Us

Technically, we don’t exist

Sure, we may be a group of Men from Halifax, Nova Scotia. And yes, we do fix problems in our community with a surgical touch, but we’re not looking to make anything official.

Everything you see, read, hear or experience with 100 Men HFX has been donated by superheroes like you - Men who give a damn.

We’re a non-organization - no bank account, no fixed address, no opinion.

We just do. Four times a year, for 45 minutes.

Other groups similar to us also do not exist. In fact, they don’t exist in more and more cities across Canada and the United States.

Our Roots

Once upon a time a Woman told a Man she didn't think he couldn’t do something - 100 Men HFX is the result.

That wonderful woman is the co-founder of 100 Women Who Care - Halifax

“Bet you couldn’t find FIVE men who care,” said Colette Robicheau. 

Care? No, but our non-founders knew lots of Men who gave a damn about their community.

We first met as a group in February 2014 - in a room donated by Men - at Saint Mary’s University - who also give a damn.

That night we helped several young children realize their biggest wish: all told it only took about 60 minutes. Children's Wish Foundation collected $28,807 in $100 cheques (odd because one cheque came from Texas, in US dollars: our reach is great).

At our second meeting in May 2014 our member's dollars went to work breathing new life into the ventilation system at the NS SPCA ($28,250). Our third helped refurbish the North End Community Health Clinic. Our fourth went to Ovarian Cancer Canada.

And so it goes on.

After just ten meetings we had helped give away over a quarter-mil. Without spending even a quarter. Gotta like that ROI.


Who we help next will be decided by you, our members, at our next quarterly meeting.


Come & give a damn.

Our Goal

Surgically inject $10k+ into the work of a local charity through funds, exposure and awareness.


Our Plan

Gather 100+ men in a room and have three local charities pitch for 5 minutes each. Count everyone’s anonymous vote and have each member write their $100 cheque to the charity with the most votes.


Simple. Fast. Efficient.