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100 Men Who Give a Damn - Halifax


Halifax Area Charities

Our members are always on the lookout for charities in the Halifax area in need of support. The truth is there's always a Bat Signal in the sky and our superheroes just can't be everywhere. So once a quarter we invite members to nominate three local charities before the next meeting.


That's the only way charities get on our radar - by member nomination.


So, if you're a Halifax area charity here's how you too can get nominated to present at 100 Men:

  • Contact your own volunteers/members and ask if anyone is a member of 100 Men (or women).
  • If there are 100 Men members in your own ranks - encourage them to nominate your charity before the next quarter's meeting.
  • If you don't have any members, encourage them to become a superhero by signing-up for 100 Men Halifax.

Remember - being nominated doesn't mean you'll get to present, but it does mean you have a chance. The more nominations your charity receives the better chance you'll have of being selected to present and tell your story! And yes, a member can use their three nominations for the same charity.


If your charity is selected to present....

  • Once notified of your selection, charities are asked to keep their participation strictly confidential prior to the meeting.
  • Your charity will be given exactly 5 minutes to present to our members at the meeting (without aid of props, slides or PowerPoint etc.) Just you, a microphone and a stopwatch.
  • Members of 100 Men Who Give A Damn! - Halifax will hear presentations from two other nominated charities.
  • Once presentations are complete, members in attendance vote by secret ballot to select one of the three presenting charities.
  • If your charity earns the most votes it will receive every member's $100 cheque for an amount that regularly and eventually totals over $20,000!
  • Please note: Once selected as the recipient charity, you're ineligible to be nominated or receive funds from 100 Men Who Give A Damn! - Halifax for five (5) years.
  • The two charities not selected may be nominated again in one year’s time.
  • All three selected charities are invited to mix and mingle with members after the event, a tradeshow style booth area is available for presenting charities in the reception area.
  • The recipient charity must agree to provide tax receipts directly to the donors and to announce the expected mailing date of those receipts to the members on the evening of their selection.
  • The recipient charity must on first contact with each donor, ask how frequently the donor wants be contacted in the future. Charities should not assume the donors wish to be on the charity’s mailing list.
  • The recipient charity will be asked to present an update on their use of the 100 Men donation at the next quarterly meeting of 100 Men Who Give A Damn! - Halifax.
  • 100 Men Who Give a Damn! - Halifax reserves the right to amend these eligibility criteria when appropriate, without consultation with the nominated charities.
  • Presenting charities will be asked to provide, prior to the event, a description of their organization as well as press release-ready quotes. Your charity will be contacted about this beforehand if selected to present.


Presentation Tips

  • Don't be general or broad: be specific about a project/program you need help with.
  • Don't spend your five minutes telling us what you've done: spend just 1 minute on what you do, and FOUR minutes on what you're going to do.
  • Don't sell us on your accomplishments; wow us with your vision.