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Charity FAQs

Charity Questions

Q. How do I nominate a charity?

A. There are two ways to nominate a charity:-

1. When a member joins or renews, they may nominate up to three charities.
2. Members have a second opportunity in the weeks prior to a quarterly meeting. The charity nomination form is sent by email only to members in good standing.


Q. How are the three presenting charities chosen?

A. Members nominate charities on joining or renewal, and again in the weeks before each quarterly meeting. All those nominated charities go into a database, which is then weeded of ineligible organizations (click here for eligibility requirements). The remaining eligible charities are put into a hat and three organizations are drawn at random three weeks before a quarterly meeting. The three organizations are invited to give a short five-minute presentation at the meeting. If a charity declines, or is unable to present, another charity is chosen from the database. The identity of the three presenting charities is not revealed until the meeting is underway.


Q. Which charitable organizations are eligible for consideration by the group?

A. Click here for eligibility requirements. Click here to verify the charitable status of an organization (according to CRA).


Q. Can a charity nominate itself?

A. If you're a member, sure - three of them! Charities may only be nominated by a member. Our members are not just interested in nominating and donating – they want to learn about local causes. They may want to volunteer, sponsor or serve on a board or committee. They may even become a regular donor or benefactor. Our members and supporters will find out about your charity in our social media discussions and posts. So we invite eligible charities to visit our website, join our LinkedIn group, follow us on Twitter, and Like us on Facebook. By getting yourself known to our members, you will get yourself nominated. Then it’s down to the ‘luck of the draw’ which three will present on the night. Good luck!